Disciplinary issues at Fire Station 5

Toledo Fire Station No. 5

Fire Station No. 5 has seen its share of controversy, including most recently when two employees faced suspension after having a "lapse in judgement."

The two members of the Toledo Fire Department, paramedics, are said to have taken three nurses on a ride to a local downtown establishment. They then picked them up, and brought them back to the station, according to Toledo Fire Chief Luis Santiago.

The pair used a life squad vehicle for the ride, and took the non-station employees a few blocks away to and from a downtown bar and back to Station No. 5.

The chief says, "At the time they felt it was not really a big deal. But after discussing it with them, they now understand the problem with what they did."

The paramedics were given 48 and 24 hour suspensions. However, being their first disciplinary issue, and the fact that the infractions are considered to be minor, the men will serve 16 hours and eight hours respectively.

"They're two very good employees of ours. They took full responsibility. And all that was taken into consideration when came time to decide on a suspension," explained Santiago.

Station five has faced other issues recently where two firefighters were charged with drunk driving in two seperate incidents.

In one case, a 17-year veteran lost control of his vehicle and hit a fire hydrant, a flag pol,e and other objects. The charges, however, were dismissed by the prosecutor, and the fire department veteran plead guilty to reckless driving. He was fined $50.

That prosecutor was later suspended for five days because of what was called a failure to exercise sufficient diligence, given the severity of the case.

The other incident involved a ten year veteran being charged in a hit-and-run and drunk driving.

The fire chief says both cases are being investigated internally by the department.