Dispute erupts over local manâ??s plan to add peacocks and ponies to property

A clash between neighbors in an Oregon community has started over a homeowner's desire to bring peacocks and ponies into the neighborhood.

Mike Tawil's 2.2 acres of land, on Brown Road, is in a residential area of the city but can be rezoned into an agricultural property.

The father of three is now looking to make the change so he can add 5 peacocks and 2 miniature ponies to 20 chickens he already has on the property.

â??My kids, they love pets just like me,â?? Tawil said.

The Oregon resident says itâ??s because of his familyâ??s love for animals that he wants to bring the peacocks and ponies to his property.

But at least one of Tawilâ??s neighbors, who didn't want to be identified, told WNWO that she fears the animals will ruin their quiet neighborhood

â??Peacocks are very noisyâ?¦very aggressive,â?? the neighbor said.

Some also question if Tawil has the space, on his property, thatâ??s needed to house the peacocks and ponies.

â??If he wanted to have all these animals he should have gotten a farm,â?? the neighbor added.

Tawil says he does have the space and enclosure needed to house the animals.

The Oregon City Council has a public hearing on Tawil's application, to bring ponies and peacocks to his property, scheduled for June 25th at 8 p.m.