Do you have 'iPad shoulder'?

Tablet computers may encourage poor posture, study finds.

Tablet users have a higher risk of neck pain than laptops, according to a new study.

Researchers at

Harvard School of Public Health

found that study participants' heads and necks were in more flexed positions while using the tablets than those typical of desktop or notebook computer users.

In addition, working for long periods of time with the head slumped forward and the neck flexed can result in neck pain.

Users held their heads in the most neutral positions when sitting in the Table-Movie configuration.

The beauty of tablets and other mobile devices is their flexibility,â?? said lead author Jack Dennerlein, director of the Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics Laboratory at HSPH.

The study suggests tablet computers can encourage poor posture one on your lap means you look down more putting pressure on your joints. That can lead to aching shoulders and neck injuries.

Researchers suggest you prop it up on a table, preferably in an elevated position.

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(CNN contributed to this report)