Do you know what your garbage day is?

The City of Toledo began a new trash collection schedule Friday. The LEAP FORWARD plan applies to all holiday refuse and recycling collection, but just driving up and down the streets, you can see there is a lot of confusion. Some people have their trash out, others don't.

A color-coded calendar is supposed to save the city money by eliminating weekend pick-ups. However, even city officials have a hard time explaining it.

When asked to simplify the plan for Toledo residents, Toledo Solid Waste Manager Amy Wood explained, "Today is Blue 2. So, it's our old Thursday Recycle B week. Blue 2 Monday is Red 2 which was Friday B."

Toledo resident Damon Foreman is confused by the new trash collection schedule. "I don't understand why, you know, it had to change. We're used to garbage being on one day. Now with the holidays it goes one day. Behind the holidays it's a regular day. The red zone. Yellow zone. Green zone. I don't know what zone to go to so I just put it out.

Here's the simplest way to explain it: Any holiday when you don't receive mail, you also won't have trash pick-up service. Your trash will be picked up the next day. It will remain that day of the week until the next holiday when it will leap forward another day.

City leaders tell NBC24 they know this will take some time to get used to. They insist the move will save taxpayers about $400,000 per year.

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