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      Doctors warn against back-to-school illnesses

      TOLEDO -- With the school year just beginning, experts are warning against the dangers of the back-to-school bug.Dr. Arshad Husain, a lead physician for the Northwest Ohio Primary Care Network, says that during the school year kids can be exposed to millions of germs.

      Part of the reason is that children are so prone to "back-to-school illnesses" is that during the first few months of school, children can become exposed to new strains of the cold and flu viruses.

      â??And these new strains kids have never been exposed to before so they don't have any immunity and can get infections really easy,â?? said Dr. Husain.

      Yet, Husain says just because your child is exposed, that doesn't mean they have to get sick. One of the best things parents can do to help children avoid those infections is teach them proper â??cold etiquette." That includes things like frequently using hand sanitizer, washing hands with warm water and soap for at least 15 seconds, and coughing or sneezing into your elbow and not your hands.

      Dr. Husain says another way to make sure kids don't spread germs at home is to immediately wash their hands when they come from school