Does Charlie Sheen deserve a $1M raise?

Charlie Sheen

NEW YORK (AP) - Charlie Sheen says he wants a raise to come back to the CBS show "Two and a Half Men."

The troubled star appeared on dueling morning show interviews Monday to continue an attack on CBS and producers of his hit sitcom for shutting down the show because of his off-set behavior. Both ABC's "Good Morning America" and NBC's "Today" show featured him in their first half hours.

NBC interviewer Jeff Rossen appeared startled when Sheen said he wanted to be paid $3 million an episode to return to the show. He's reportedly paid $1.8 million an episode now, one of the highest-paid actors on television.

"You want a raise?" Rossen asked.

Replied Sheen: "Yeah, look what they put me through."

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Christine writes -- sad.. people without jobs can barely make it these days and he goes on national tv and says he needs a raise? 2 mill a week is not enough?...Jen writes -- He's an idiot! I used to like him, but dude needs to get off his ego trip!

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