Dog advocates work to dispel pit bull breed myths

Callie, a pitbull with the Lucas County Pit Crew

On May 21st, a 25-year-old Ohio law that once automatically deemed a pit bull as vicious will no longer be valid.

In preparation for the change, Lucas County organizations that work with the breed are working to dispel any pit bull myths or misperceptions in the public.

â??People say that pit bulls have locked jaws. So when they bite you, they canâ??t let go or they wonâ??t let go. All canine jaws are built the same. They are all canine jaws. So, if a Chihuahuaâ??s jaw doesnâ??t lock a pit bulls jaw doesnâ??t lock,â?? Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle said.

On Wednesday night, the Lucas County Dog Warden hosted a public forum to address similar concerns and address any questions community members have about the new law.

â??Itâ??s time for people to understand pit bulls can be great dogs if they are treated right,â?? Executive Director of the Toledo Area Humane Society John Dinon said.

In addition to the local groups that advocate for pit bulls, representatives from a California pit bull advocacy group (BAD RAP) were on hand to answer questions.

â??It doesnâ??t really matter what its breed is. [You want to know] is it a good dog with a nice personality that is going to make a happy family pet,â?? Executive Director of BAD RAP Donna Reynolds said.