Dog allegedly shot, killed by neighbor

Dog owner Sharon Weaver said she heard shots from the general direction of her neighbors house Thursday morning, November 8.

After hearing the shots, Weaver came out of the house to find her dog, Roxy, coming from her neighbors yard.

"[I] saw my dog running from the house, between the two houses. And she was losing an enormous amount of blood," says Weaver.

They rushed her to the veterinarian, where she underwent emergency surgery. But tragically, Roxy didn't make it.

"There was a very large gunshot hole in her spleen. Her stomach was ruptured and her liver was severed," says Kelly Farris, who is Sharon's sister. She was home when the shooting occurred.

Although Weaver said she didn't actually see the shooting, she believes her neighbor shot her dog.

"There's no doubt in my mind that theey're the ones that shot my dog," Weaver says.

WNWO spoke with the neighbor over the phone. She said she had no knowledge of the incident, and that it was terrible that weaver lost her dog.

But Weaver's family, who runs a home for troubled girls out of their house, say they are now fearful for the girls' safety.

"We have eight young girls right now. And they're aware of what happened. And honestly, they are very concerned," says Kelly Farris.

Weaver says she filed a complaint with police and will be filing a civil suit. But no matter who is responsible, she is now without her friend she 's had for more than eight years.

According to Weavers family, the police told them that there was nothing that could be done.