Dog attack did not happen at Wildwood

A dog attack reported at Wildwood Preserve never occurred at the park, according to officials.

A dog attack that reportedly took place at Wildwood Preserve in early July never happened at the metropark, according to park officials.

Ony July 5, the Metroparks reported on their Facebook page that two people were attacked by the stray dog, described as a large pit bull, towards the east side of the park. The victims were walking a dog when they were attacked, however their dog was not injured. The man and woman required hospital treatment.

On Tuesday, the same park officials released a statement saying the couple was not injured at the park.

"This incident did not take place at Wildwood," said Joe Fausnaugh, chief of operations, who oversees the park district's Ranger Department.

"The two individuals did suffer injuries inflicted by a dog," Chief Joe Fausnaugh said, "but our investigation has concluded that they were injured by their own dog in a West Toledo apartment, and not on Metroparks property. We don't like to see anyone suffer injuries like these, but this had nothing to do with the Metroparks."

Nicole Farrell, 36, and Steve Thompson, 35, now say that the incident did not occur at the Metropark. This comes after initially telling hospital officials that they were attacked at the park.

Park Rangers have charged Ms. Farrell with falsification, a first degree misdemeanor, and turned over information they have gathered to the Sylvania prosecutor.

"Safety of park visitors is always our first concern, and our law enforcement officers took this matter very seriously," said Steve Madewell, executive director of the park district. "Evidence convinced them the incident did not happen as it was reported, and that there was never a threat to the safety of our park visitors. Our actions reflect the Metroparks commitment to providing clean, safe, natural parks."