Dog from fiery Turnpike crash still at large

Bambi / Courtesy Toledo Animal Shelter

Bambi survived Hurricane Katrina and a fiery crash on the Ohio Turnpike Thursday morning. After being safely ejected from a burning car hauler as it crashed, Bambi disappeared and her owner and his family want her back.

Bambi was a passenger in a tractor-trailer driven by Corey Wesinger, 37, of Bristol, Wis. when Corey lost control of his rig while traveling on the Ohio Turnpike Thursday morning. The tractor trailer rolled over onto its side and burst into flames. Corey was able to escape without injuries as were his two dogs, Ruby and Bambi.

One of his dogs, Ruby, was found the day after the crash at the Elizabeth Scott Community on Albon Road, but Bambie remains at large.

In fact, Wesinger and his wife Becky, along with their children, are making a trip to Toledo Tuesday to search for their missing dog.

"We're sure she's somewhere near where Ruby was found," said Mrs. Wesinger. "We're hoping someone sees her and recognizes her."

Bambi is a Chihuahua/Basenji/Shiba Inu mix. She weighs approximately 17 lbs.

Volunteers organized by Helen Bensch, Executive Director of the Toledo Animal Shelter are searching for the missing dog. They are searching in the area near Mac Queens Orchard, Salisbury Road, Holloway Road, Garden Road, Perrysburg-Holland Road, and Heatherhdowns Blvd.

"She is very friendly and should come to someone if they are patient with her," said Bensch. "She is probably very scared."

Bensch says the dog will answer to Bambi, Bam, and "Go bye byes."

Bambi is not unaccustomed to disasters. She and Ruby were both survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Becky Wesinger, a professional veterinarian technician, traveled to Louisiana to help rescue dogs and brought back Ruby and Bambi.

Bensch says it's important for people spotting Bambi to let her know right away. She says the public can call her at any time if they sight the dog. They need to note the exact location, time, and the direction the dog was heading. Bensch can be reached at (419) 213-0172.