Dog shot six times moved to Humane Society

      Lawrence Mick, the dog's owner, faces charges including animal cruelty.

      A dog Toledo police say was shot six times by his owner and another man has been moved from the Lucas County Dog Warden's pound to the Toledo Area Humane Society.

      T he Humane Society's Executive Director John Dinon says "Sarge" the German Shepherd will first be evaluated by their vet to make sure he's recovering well from his wounds.

      T hen , after letting him adjust to his new envir o nment , they wi ll evaluate his behavior.

      D inon says there are three possible outcomes for Sarge: adoption, moving him to a rescue center or putting him down--though they hope to avoid that.

      A t least for now Sarge is safe because he is considered evidence in the charges against his owner: Lawrence Mick.

      T he Humane Society is posting updates of Sarge along with pictures on their website.CLICK HERE to see them.