Dog warden employee let loose

28-year-old Aaron Nova faces charges of animal cruelty.

An employee of the Lucas County Dog Warden who was placed on paid administrative leave for animal cruelty charges has been terminated.

Surveillance video released by the Lucas County Dog Warden on Aug. 8th showed 28-year-old Aaron Nova allegedly abusing a dog. The video shows a man picking up a dog by the neck, slamming into an animal cage and tossing it into a kennel.

The incident was discovered by Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle during a review of the poundâ??s security tapes. Lyle told WNWO that â??Marblesâ?? the dog was treated by a vet and is doing fine. Marbles has also found a forever home.

"We want to treat the public and the animals with as much respect as we can and to serve them to the best of our ability. Handling a dog in this way is not necessary and it isn't doing things to the best of our ability," Lyle said.

According to the Toledo Blade, county administrator Peter Ujvagi upheld the recommendation that Nova be terminated from employment. Plans are in place by Novaâ??s union, Local 544, to appeal the decision by the county administrator.

Nova was charged with animal abuse on Aug. 7th. He pleaded not guilty in Toledo Municipal Court. A trial date has not been scheduled.