Dogs displaced by hurricane searching for Toledo area homes

This is one of two dogs, displaced by Hurricane Isaac, that are in need of new homes.

When Mother Nature hits, people are often not the only ones left homeless.

Two precious pups, both under the age of two, are searching for new homes and will soon be available for adoption at the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Barry and Victor were displaced by

Hurricane Isaac

which, in August 2012, took a similar path as Hurricane Katrina and hit on the 7-year anniversary of the 2005 storm.

Since then, the two male dogs have been under the care of the

Humane Society of the United States


Unfortunately, the rescue has had some trouble placing the duo despite their sweet and energetic personas.

"Most of the dogs that were displaced, that the rescue has, are pit bull type dogs so they are having difficulty finding locations for them across the country," Cyndi Condit of the Toledo Area Humane Society said.

The pair is what's left of 200 dogs displaced by Hurricane Isaac and at one time were headed for homes in New Jersey, when Hurricane Sandy foiled those plans.

Both "get along great" with other dogs and will go through a behavior evaluation at the Toledo Area Humane Society before going up for adoption.