Dogs from Monroe fighting ring released from custody

Photo Credit: Courtesy: Monroe SPCA

Three dogs involved in an alleged Monroe County dog-fighting ring have been released from an animal control facility.

The Monroe Evening News reports that the dogs have been removed from Monroe County Animal Control pens and on Monday were in possession of the Buster Foundation, an animal rescue organization.

A Monroe County Circuit Court judge earlier this month signed an order overturning a district court's ruling to euthanize the pitbull mixes.

The judge ruled that the dogs - Dusty, Reilly and Monroe - don't pose a threat to public safety.

A fourth dog, Razzle, has already been awarded to the custody of the Buster Foundation and she is currently in basic obedience and good manners training.

Buster Foundation President Jon Svoboda says the dogs were in "great spirits."

The dogs were seized during a March raid on a suspected dog-fighting operation in the county located along Michigan's border with Ohio.