Domestic partner benefits price tag worries council

The Toledo City Council will vote on a measure to grant benefits to domestic partners of city employees.

City employees, gay rights activists and community members voiced their views on the controversial domestic partner benefit proposal before the Toledo City Council on Wednesday.

The proposal would provide healthcare and other benefits to partners who live with city employees but are not married.

While support for the measure was high, many council members expressed concern about how much the endeavor would cost taxpayers.

"The administration went into those negotiations with our bargaining units and they basically said look, we have a real tight fiancial situation, we need concessions to get through another year, and in fact, the next two years," Councilman George Sarantou said. "And now, we are proposing additional monies to be spent of benefits."

The estimated price tag on the project is between $50,000 and $500,000. The council will vote on the measure next week.