Domestic violence offenders being rounded up

A domestic violence task force, made up of numerous local law enforcement agencies, went on the hunt Wednesday, October 16.

"It was a great day for us in law enforcement. And collaborative, we arrested 47 people on domestic violence warrants," says Lucas County sheriff John Tharp.

He says another five people were arrested on felony warrants, and about 140 misdemeanor warrants were cleared as well.

"These are individuals that cause harm to others, assaulted others, intimidated others. There needs to be justice," says Tharp.

The United States Marshals Service was also involved in the arrests. Deputy Rodney Hartzell says this one day effort is a culmination of months of work.

Hartzell says, "This is just a small portion of what we do. We probably arrested close to 250 people for domestic violence this year."

Hartzell says they are still conducting the sweep, and would like to catch one man in particular, Daniel Boone, who is the Marshals number one most wanted person for domestic violence.

The fight against domestic violence seems never ending, but there is becoming more and more resources to help the victims break free.

"The community is stepping up and saying that this is no longer acceptable," says Deb Ortiz-Flores, director of Job & Family Services in Lucas County.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it's paramount to know that you are in danger, and that waiting a little longer to get help, could mean life or death.

"She was doing all of her requirements and working her safety plan, and unfortunately yes, we have had clients that have lost their lives," says Ortiz-Flores about one woman who was killed by her abuse while she was trying to get away from him.

WNWO spoke with one woman last year who was in fear of her life, and had used available resources to get away, and stay safe.

"I believed that he would kill me. I didn't know how to get out or where to go. I was to the point where is was just accepting that's what was going to happen," said the woman.

She told WNWO that the hardest step, is the first one out the door. But if that step is not taken, it may cost you your life.

If you have an emergency, you are always advised to call 911, but for those that need help in taking those initial steps, there is a resource that will help you with everything you need.

You can get that help by calling 211. And by calling that number, you can get help while remaining anonymous.