Dozens arrested in annual domestic violence sweep

Within the same 36 hours that 4 people would be killed in domestic related altercations, authorities in Northwest Ohio would also arrest more than 40 suspects wanted for domestic violence crimes.

On Thursday, the Lucas County Sheriff held a press conference to release the names of those apprehended during an annual domestic violence sweep executed on Wednesday.

"We don't want to see any more victims that are homicide victims. We had the overcast of Lake Township, unfortunately, shadowing us yesterday and it really brought to light that we need to make this a commitment 24 hours a day," Toledo Police Detective Mary Jo Jaggers said.

The 20- hour sweep was preceded by the murders of a Lake Township mother and her 3-year-old son in which the gunman was killed by police.

It also coincided with the stabbing death of a Sandusky woman, allegedly at the hands of her live in boyfriend.

The Lucas County sweep, however, was not executed in response to the incidents in Lake Township and Sandusky.

Each year the effort takes place during the month of October which serves as Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Those involved in the sweep, however, also use the opportunity to bring public awareness to domestic violence issues and resources.

"This community needs to recognize that they are not alone if they are a victim of domestic violence. That we are out there ... to help them heal and not only the victims but the perpetrators," Jaggers added.

Jaggers says that her office received 45,813 domestic related reports in 2011.

60 police officers were part of Wednesday's sweep which lasted 20 hours and took one month to plan.