Dozens of animals seized in Wood Co. raids

The Wood County Humane Society seized 46 neglected animals last week, making it one the busiest periods some animal cruelty investigators say they have ever seen.

The first raid, on Saturday, July 24, yielded 34 pets ranging from dogs and car to horses and even a goat. The animals were in varying degrees of bad condition, mostly underweight and many with skin and teeth problems. Two counts of animal cruelty were filed after the initial raid.

On Tuesday, a check of a Wood Co. home revealed conditions unfit for humans or animals. The Humane Society says they are working with the family of the home to upgrade conditions and to get the dogs, cats and parrots seized from inside that home back to their owners. The pets are currently in the care of the Humane Society.

A third case, also on Tuesday, involved three malnourished horses. Animal cruelty investigator Erin McKibben says the horses were found in very dirty and wet conditions which can cause problems with their feet. "With the one horse in the condition that he is in, he was probably bullying the other animals out of their feed," said McKibben.

The owner of the horses has given control of the animals to the Humane Society. They are now living at a foster home where they are receiving veterinary care.

"Just turning them out is the best you can do for them," said Orville Wilcox who is fostering the horses.

The Humane Society says they are looking for additional help in the form of volunteers, foster homes and donations. To find out how you can help, call 419-352-7339.