Dr. warned of Jerry Sandusky's pedophile pattern in 1998

Jerry Sandusky after he was arrested last year

New details about warnings about accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Warnings, more than a decade before the former Penn State University football coach was charged with molesting children.

Psychologist Dr. Alycia Chambers says she warned Penn State police in 1998 that Sandusky's behavior fit "a likely pedophile's pattern."

Dr. Chambers says she made the assessment after interviewing an 11-year old boy who says a naked Sandusky showered with him and bear hugged him in a campus locker room. that boy is now one of 10 boys who claim sandusky molested him.

but a second psychologist brought in by authorities and who didn't read Chambers' report concluded there was no evidence of a sexual offense. Sandusky has denied any wrong doing.

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