Driver flees on foot after crashing into Waterville home

A car crashed into a home in Waterville early Wednesday.

A Waterville family is picking up the pieces after a driver crashed into their home and then took off on foot near the Anthony Wayne Trail early Wednesday.

Police said just after 1 a.m., an unknown driver lost control and crashed his car into the home's detached garage, located in the 100 block of US-24. The driver then fled the scene, leaving his car behind, but taking the license plate with him.

The homeowner's daughter, Melissa Carter, said her family was woken up by the alarm system going off in the garage and soon discovered the damage.

"The Suburban in the garage had been turned to the side, so I knew it was bad, with that much force," Carter said. "I was just in shock, I just couldn't believe it."

The family was not hurt in the crash, but the car took out the home's gas line, forcing authorities to shut down a portion of the road for hours.

Police said blood was found at the scene, leading them to believe the driver was injured. Despite the missing license plate, investigators said they had leads on the driver's address.