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      Drivers say roads still in need of repair

      Toledo drivers continue to complain about potholes, even after the cityâ??s pothole blitz that had street repair teams working ten hour shifts.

      The outer lanes of Douglas Road near the University of Toledo are closed down for road construction, but the inside lanes remain open and peppered with potholes. Elvhin Encarnacion is a fourth year UT student who grew up in Toledo. He says this is the worst heâ??s seen Douglas.

      â??Now that itâ??s one lane both ways, I just canâ??t help but see the time delay on it,â?? Encarnacion said.

      A longer commute is a sacrifice many East Toledo residents are willing to make. Ashley Viveros drove down Leonard and noticed the potholes havenâ??t been repaired.

      â??It looks like Iâ??m a drunk driver when Iâ??m driving because thatâ??s how many potholes are just randomly around,â?? Viveros said.

      City Council is considering a plan to use potential street repair money to open more of Toledoâ??s pools. Currently, no pools are scheduled to open in North Toledo, where residents rallied this month to open Wilson and Jamie Farr pools.