Driving the Ohio Turnpike will soon cost more

Tolls are going up on the Ohio Turnpike.

Get ready to dig a little deeper into the change cup when paying for tolls on the Ohio Turnpike.

The commission overseeing the Ohio Turnpike has voted to raise tolls by 2.7 percent beginning Jan. 1.

The increase is the first of ten annual increases to pay for big-ticket road and bridge projects in northern Ohio.

A motorist without an E-ZPass and driving more than 30 miles on the turnpike will see an increase in tolls of 2.7%. For motorists driving across the turnpike with E-ZPass, tolls would rise 25 cents to $11.50. After 10 years, it would $14.75.

Gov. John Kasich pushed for the toll-hike plan to move along big projects that have been delayed for years. The investment in infrastructure is expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs.

The plan is part of a two-year transportation budget measure that included a $1.5 billion Ohio Turnpike bond sale. It guarantees 90 percent of bond proceeds will go to northern Ohio projects. The measure also

raises speeds on the turnpike

to 70 mph.