DTE Energy offers kite, model plane safety tips

      As fair spring weather brings out kite and radio-controlled model airplane flying, DTE Energy Co. offers these safety tips:

      - Select a level and open space away from utility poles and overhead power lines.

      - Don't try to remove a kite or other object that becomes lodged on a utility pole or tangled in the wires. If you're within DTE's service area (southeastern Lower Michigan and the Thumb), call 800-477-4747 to report the location.

      - Don't fly kites in threatening weather. If a kite is hit by lightning, wet string can conduct electricity. Use strong, dry cord for kite string.

      - Don't use kites containing metal or wire parts such as cotton-wrapped wire string. Wire and string contacting electrical equipment will conduct electricity. Use lightweight wood for kite frames.


      Source: DTE Energy Co.

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