East Toledo residents threatened after dog shooting

<font size="3">Resident Julie Mason claims 35-year-old Gary Crawford made the phone call.</font>

Shots were fired into an East Toledo home last week -- a threat to scare the resident who reported to police what she saw from the shooting of a stray dog.

Janet Goforth had just finished making coffee when a bullet came soaring through her kitchen. She says if sheâ??d made it two minutes earlier, it might have been the last cup she ever poured.

â??I would have been dead," Goforth said. â??Iâ??d have hit the floor.â??

She said itâ??s all an effort to scare her because sheâ??s been talking to media and police about the crime.

â??Theyâ??re not scaring me enough to move out of my house,â?? she said.

Goforth has been sleeping in shifts with her roommate, Julie Mason.

Mason started receiving phone threats after the stray dog was shot. A day before her house was shot at, someone called her, telling her to watch out for gunfire.

â??It was stuff I blew off and ignored but obviously I didnâ??t take it serious enough,â?? Mason said.

She claims 35-year-old Gary Crawford made the phone call. Heâ??s been arrested and charged with intimidation and obstruction of justice. Police said his cousin Marcus Crawford is the one who shot the dog. Marcus Crawford isnâ??t in custody yet.

Goforth and Mason both said they didnâ??t name anyone in the dog shooting when questioned by police.