Elaina Steinfurth missing for two months

Toledo, OH - Two months, and Elaina Steinfurth has not been found, but police continue to press forward.

"We are going to continue to investigate this full bore until we have a resolution in this case," says Toledo Police PIO Joe Heffernan.

Elaina's family continues to hold out hope that little Elaina will be safely returned, and as of right now there seems to be no evidence to say otherwise.

"We have no reason, no proof that she is deceased," says Heffernan.

Many areas that have been searched, such as the Maumee River or Navarre Park, would indicate searchers are not looking for a living child, but police say that some tips have been either misleading or false.

Heffernan says, "Some of the information that has been put out by various people was misleading, or in error in some ways. That's caused a delay in the investigation."

Police say they understand that the family wants more information from them, but they can't risk jeopardizing sensitive details. However they do admit that there are numerous facts that are being kept secret.

Authorities also say they have had a difficult time of sorting through the lies they have been told by parties involved, namely Angela Steinfurth and Steven King.

"This is a big jigsaw puzzle where we have to connect a lot of little pieces," says Heffernan.

He says they have been very careful in putting those pieces together. He adds, "Somebody knows what happened to baby Elaina. We're just looking for some honesty from some people that are involved in this case."

He holds firm that they will be able to put an end to this case, it's just a matter of getting the entire story.