Elaina vigil focuses on justice following new developments in case

One day after human remains were found in an east Toledo garage, authorities admit it may be the missing toddler, and Friday night family members and the community gathered for the first time since the news was revealed.


ince June a community had a simple message, "Bring Elaina Home." 24 hours after Toledo police discovered human remains in a garage, a new message emerges, "Justice for Elaina."


he march calling for justice passed the garage where police made the gruesome discovery Thursday. Elaina's family prayed for a miracle, but hope recent developments will bring closure, "it's not the way we wanted it to end, but it would us closure and that's what we really wanted was the closure," explains Elaina's grandfather Terry Steinfurth, Sr.

Following the vigil and march, people gathered in a large lot near and released balloon into the sky for Elaina. The Steinfurth family says another vigil will be held Sunday at 3PM outside the Lucas County Courthouse.