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      Emotional Memorial Day ceremony at Woodlawn Cemetery

      A small crowd of approximately 50 people attended the Memorial Day ceremony at Woodlawn Cemetery in central Toledo.George Finkler was one of the handful of WWII veterans who was in attendance. "I just think it's great, I really do, to see the people come out and some of them come up to me and say thank you for your service," Mr. Finkler said.

      Dawn Heisler of Heroes in Action was the keynote speaker. Once a month, Dawn's team of volunteers meets to assemble donated items into care packages that are then shipped to local soldiers serving overseas."It's important to let them know that we thank them for serving their country," Ms. Heisler said.

      Clark Morgan was one of the Civil War re-eneactors that performed a 21-gun salute."I have several family members who currently serve in the military and who have served in the military; this is away to show our heritage and our patriotism," Mr. Clark said.

      This was the 84th year that Historic Woodlawn Cemetery has hosted a Memorial Day program. On Friday and Saturday, about hundred volunteers placed nearly 6,000 American flags throughout the cemetery.