Evacuation over for most in Willard after chemical spill

Gov. Kasich sits with officials in Willard to discuss clean-up efforts.

According to the City of Willard's Twitter account, the "evacuation zone for most of the potentially affected area surrounding the Tuesday night chemical spill" has been lifted.

That excludes less than a half dozen living in homes, in the Pleasant Street area, that are still under evacuation after a 12,500 gallons of hazardous material leaked at the CSX rail yard when several train cars derailed.

To accommodate those that are still unable to return home, the Community Outreach Center will remain open at least through the weekend.

Earlier today reports indicated that many of the residents, displaced by the spill, might have to stay out of their homes until at least Friday.

Since the spill, CSX has provided evacuees with hotel rooms in Willard and in nearby cities.

They company also provided those forced out of their homes with a make-shift Thanksgiving dinner held at Willard High School and more than 250 residents took part.

Ohio Governor John Kasich made the trip to Willard on Thursday to meet with the families impacted by the spill, at the CSX-provided dinner, and to be briefed by local officials on the clean-up effort.

CSX has also offered residents, in the evacuation zone, a way to monitor the air in their homes if they have any concerns about their safety.

According to the City of Willard, "air monitoring in the area has consistently showed the air to be safe, despite a minor odor. This odor should disappear in the next few days."