Event celebrates pre-mature babies

When pre-mature babies are born they go to newborn intensive care units. On Sunday an annual reunion was held for the babies and staff that helped them.



packed a room at Promedica Toledo Children's Hospital to



overcoming health problems at birth. But for mother, Amanda Hall, when she heard her child was sick, celebrations were the farthest thing from her mind,"we were terrified. it's my fiancee's first child and we did not know what to think," explains Hall.


er child little Jacob Schram was born underweight, had breathing problems, among other things. After knowing what the problem was, living with it was the next challenge, "he has a cleft pallet. so we had special bottles, some of the nurses had to teach us how to feed him," adds Hall.


or the staff at Promedica Toledo Children's Hospital, a real bond was formed with the babies and their families. That's why nurse Christie Maas organized this annual reunion, "kids that you see here today, started as little as a pound. You can see how much they have grown, or they had heart issues or breathing trouble when they were born. So it's very rewarding for the staff, for us to see how they're grown and progressed," explains Maas.

Jacob's mother Amanda, is grateful he's doing better, but knows they still have a long way to go,



t's been a pretty long journey. he's still got a long journey ahead of him. but we're going to get there, and we'll get through it."