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      Exceptionally stormy winter hammering salt stockpiles

      Cities in northwest Ohio are rationing road salt supplies to survive another winter storm.Jeff Rathge, facilities supervisor for the city of Napoleon, says the city is running out of road salt. "This year I ordered 500 tons, plus the 500 I had, I thought we were good; but I am probably down to 70 to 80 tons left," Mr. Rathge said. Rathge says even with another winter storm expected to hit the region on Monday evening, he is limited by what he can do. "We're stretching things out, not hitting our Priority 3 streets, and doing more intersections," Mr. Rathge said.

      The Ohio Department of Transportation did not receive any bids from salt companies during a 10-day bidding process that ended Friday.The department wanted to buy 150,000 tons of salt for communities, and then have them return the salt after they replenish their supplies. ODOT District 2, which covers Northwest Ohio, has 5,000 tons of road salt on hand.VIEW: Complete forecast from WNWO Weather TeamYou can stay up to date on the storm by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get the latest updates on-the-go with the WNWO Mobile App - available in Apple and Google Play stores.