Excessive snow means big business for private plows

the city of Toledo manages the clearing of area surface streets when snow falls, but anything above four inches, there just isn't enough manpower, and reinforcements are called in.

"In this last event we called in 13 private contractors that had 33 trucks that were able to put blades on the ground for us," says David Platt with Toledo's Streets, Bridges and Harbors department.

It means big business for the private companies that do snow removal, especially when there are breaks between heavy snowfall.

Pratt says, "If they have six inches of snow on it, and they get paid to do that once, that's one thing. But if you have six events of just one inch, then they are gonna get paid six times."

Private plow companies also offer a la carte service. One company flyer says they can clear your driveway, the service starts at $30.

"They come and clear it for you in a couple minutes, as opposed to you taking a few hours and breaking your back to do it," says Pratt.

State and city workers have been on twelve hour shifts for the last week, and private business is just as busy, if not more.

And more snow is on the horizon.

Pratt says, "Yesterday(Thursday) we were looking 3 to 5 inches. This morning it was 5 to 7 inches. Now looks like it could be well over 7 inches.

However, after a few winters with minimal snow, private plow companies tell WNWO that they are more than happy to be busy.