Exclusive: 9-year-old recounts how he was injured by TPD K-9

NBC24 obtained these official photos taken as part of a Toledo Police report on the incident, June 11.

A Toledo 9-year-old spoke exclusively with NBC24, this week, to explain how he was injured by a Toledo Police K-9.

Despite being a scary experience for Brady Hall, the soon-to-be 4th grader was in good spirits during an exclusive interview with NBC24.

Still, Hall said he wants TPD K-9 "J.J." to be removed from his neighborhood.

"There are 3 little girls next door and itâ??s already jumped the fence two times. If the little girls were over there it could hurt them," Hall said.

NBC24 obtained new images of Hall's injuries, late Thursday, from the City of Toledo's Law Department.

PHOTOS: 9-year-old's family shares photos of injuries from TPD K-9

These new photos were taken by Toledo Police as part of their official incident report into what happened at the home of TPD K-9 handler Officer Brett Kohlman on June 11.

"It hurt pretty bad and I was more scared than anything," Hall said of the experience.

Contrary to some reports of what happened, Hall says he wasnâ??t playing with the dog or friend when he was bitten.

Hall said he was invited into the Kohlman home by one of the three kids living there.

Once they got inside, Hall says "J.J" immediately jumped on him and that made him nervous.

The 9-year-old made sure to ask one of the Kohlman kids to hold the dog while they were inside but the K-9 allegedly broke free as Hall tried to leave.

"I mean, I saw [the K-9] and so I was like can you go ahead and get the dog & so I can just leave. It got loose and I was about in the middle of the stairs when it knocked me down and bit me on the back," Hall said.

The Lucas County Dog Warden is looking into what happened but would only say it was an "ongoing investigation".