Exclusive: NW Ohio doctors helping more than just typhoon victims in the Philippines

A woman, in the Philippines, collapses at a clinic being run by NW Ohio medical professionals.

A group of volunteers from Northwest Ohio continued working in a make-shift clinic on Tuesday, in New Washington, helping victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

The 7-day trip was organized by a Maumee doctor, Dr. Richard Paat, after the world learned of the devastation caused by the Nov. 8 storm.

WNWO's Jim Blue reports not all of the patients being seen by the visiting medical professionals are being treated for ailments related to the typhoon.

Blue says that of the 110 children seen by Maumee pediatrician Dr. Gary Gladieux. Many are seeking treatment simply because they have no other access to medical care.

Some ask for tetanus shots, treatments for ear infections. Others came looking for dental procedures like cavity fillings.

On Tuesday, a rain storm hit the athletic complex that lost part of its roof in Typhoon Haiyan, and forced volunteers to move treatment areas into another part of the facility.

During the chaos a woman collapsed, presumably because of stress and fatigue, but is expected to be fine.

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