Exclusive Video: 1 more dead dog & many smaller bags found buried at Toledo home

<span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID"> <span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID">The remains of what are believed to be a large dog were the first to be recovered on Wednesday night.</span> <span id="bIImageViewer_CreatorTextID"></span></span>

WNWO was the only television station there, Wednesday night, when volunteers dug up what are believed to be the remains of at least 6 more animals found behind a West Toledo home.

The remains, discovered on Wednesday, were recovered only three days after the body of another dog was found dead at the former site of an animal rescue.

The remains of the first dog found, named "Bones", were found on Sunday in a shallow grave next to a garage at the Luann Avenue property.

The garage was once a converted kennel that

housed more than a dozen dogs at a time

, including Bones, while under the care of the

Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue


The rescue is run by Kathy "Kat" Sutter and has since vacated the West Toledo property, but continues its operations at a Perrysburg location.

"It's horrible, it's horrible that this lady is still legally operating and she has all these dogs and I heart breaks for the dogs she still has, if they are in horrible condition or if she is burying them in her backyard now," volunteer digger Carissa Curry said Wednesday.

The group

that placed "Bones" in Sutter's care told WNWO they became suspicious of Sutter after she

reported "Bones" missing

in January.

It wasn't until recently, however, that the

Lexus Project

obtained evidence that "Bones" may actually be buried on Sutter's West Toledo property.

Volunteers then sought permission, from the Luann Avenue property's current occupant, for an initial search of the grounds.

Searchers returned to the property, on Wednesday, to conduct another search after the current occupant was told to vacate the property before noon on Thursday.

The current occupant, of the Luann Avenue property, says that Sutter only gave her a 72-hour eviction notice after news that "Bones" had been found at the property made headlines.

Sutter refused to comment when WNWO tried to speak with her on Monday about "Bones' body being found. She could not be reached for comment on Wednesday night.

WNWO also reached out to the Lucas County Dog Warden for comment, on the story, but their offices were already closed.

A Toledo veterinarian did come to the scene, on Wednesday, and took the remains found to his business for analysis and safe keeping.

The Toledo Area Humane Society said they are dissapointed in the latest developments in this case. "(I'm) disappointed that the Lexus Project encouraged volunters to continue digging," said TAHS Executive Director, Gary Willoughby.

Willoughby maintained that he is unclear about the legality of the latest findings and concerned about the admissibility of evidence found Wednesday if the case goes to court.