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      Experts warn against dangers of fireworks

      As the Fourth of July approaches, officials are warning residents the dangers of using fireworks.â??Leave the fireworks to the professionals,â?? said Toledo Fire Department Lt. Matt Hertzfeld

      According to the consumer product safety commission, in 2013, firework related accidents increased 30-percent, with eight people dying and more than 11,000 others sustaining injuries.

      Officials said most firework injuries are attributed to misuse. Consumer safety officials in Washington put on their own display to show just how dangerous fireworks can be.

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      Hertzfeld said often times, a good deal of injuries can come from packs of fireworks bought in local convenience stores.And one of the most common firework injuries comes from sparklers, one of the most popular among children.Hertzfeld said kids will grab a sparkler thinking itâ??s burnt out, only to find the sparkler is still hot. A single sparkler can burn hotter than 1200-degrees, a temperature that's hot enough to melt copper.

      Hertzfeld said the best way to ensure firework safety is to avoid them completely.