Extreme cold finally starts to retreat

Itâ??s not very often when you can consider temperatures in the teens to be balmy unless youâ??re up by the North Pole, but considering how cold itâ??s been for us the past few days, temperatures in the teens sounds great! And thatâ??s whatâ??s on tap for Wednesday, as the cold air starts its retreat back into Canada. So youâ??ll still need to bundle up if youâ??re heading outside, but at least it will be a lot more tolerable compared to Monday and Tuesday.

Along with the â??warmerâ?? temperatures, the winds will also be on the light side, so no more of that -30 and -40 wind chill nonsense. And since the winds will stop blowing and the snow stops drifting, it will allow street crews the opportunity to start clearing the roads, which are still pretty slick as of Wednesday morning.

A weak disturbance may spawn a few flakes Wednesday evening, mainly favoring our southern viewing area. Any accumulations will be minimal, with maybe a half inch down by Findlay, Lima and Van Wert. I donâ??t really expect anything for the Toledo area except for a few harmless flurries or weak snow shower. Another disturbance may bring a little more light snow Thursday night, with a couple places maybe getting an inch, but once again, it will not be a major storm.

Temperatures will continue their upward climb heading toward the weekend, with highs back above freezing by Friday. Weâ??ll be up around 40 degrees for Saturday, but unfortunately a new storm system will also bring plenty of rain. The higher temps and rain may lead to substantial snow melt, which could increase the flood threat, much like we saw last month. Weâ??ll keep you posted as we get closer to Saturday.