Extreme cold has shelter prepared for more people

<font size="2">T<font face="Arial"><font face="Arial">he mission says they have 14 different locations to house the homeless.</font></font></font>


eople looking to get out of the cold can come to shelters like the
Cherry Street Mission.

With low temperatures dropping into the single digits, more people are expected to walk through their doors.


Cherry Street Mission's Charles Allen said they're ready for an increase in people seeking shelter. He says part of being ready was making sure they had plenty of space, emergency cots, mats and other supplies.



ne of the things we look at

, once our numbers start to increase, we start to get more blankets. We try to keep about 1000 blankets on hands," said Allen.


he shelter currently holds 240 men and women.
Under emergency weather events, it can hold around 200 men and 100 women, according to shelter officials. They won't turn people away seeking shelter.


taff and volunteers actually look for more people.
Allen says they will go out and try to bring homeless living under bridges, underpasses and abandoned buildings inside the mission.


he mission says they have 14 different locations to house the homeless.
If needed, they would convert office space to make more room.