Extreme cold triggers St. Paul's Community Center Winter Crisis program

The artic blast that left our area dealing with single and below freezing temps has homeless shelters bracing for and already dealing with an influx of clients.

Snow on the ground

and extreme cold temperatures have turned St. Paul's Community Center into a life saver for these people, including Darryl Daniels, "I'm glad to have this place. Winter crisis, because it's getting a lot of people off the street," says Daniels.


remembers the last time extreme cold temperat


res got people off the streets and into St. Paul's,"extremely packed. The room over there was packed. This whole section was nothing but cots, it was like wall to wall. You really couldn't move," explains Daniels.

St. Paul officials say they're ready for the expected increase in people looking for help,
"we don't need a calendar. when it gets cold, we know we're going to have an influx of individuals coming in," says Layne Morris with St. Paul's Community Center.



aul's is gearing up by making sure they have enough supplies for the men and women who come in.


hanks to two grants which fund their Winter Crisis program, officials at the community center say they have between 45 and 60 cots, food and other supplies for residents, "they have a meal, they can have a shower and most importantly a warm place to stay at night," says St. Paul's Debra Renollet.


fficials at the community center say if they get slammed with more people than they can handle, they will refer those people to other shelters and the United Way's 211 program.