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      Extreme temperatures pose risk for seniors

      The frigid temperatures in Northwest Ohio have made the daily grind a bitter and cold experience. The chilly weather and slippery conditions are already hazardous, but pose a more serious risk to senior citizens.

      Officials at the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio offer some tips to help seniors stay safe, preventing frostbite and hypothermia during the winter months.

      â??Layer your clothing, cover your extremities. A hat keeps heat in the body, wear warm mittens or gloves,â?? suggests Emilie Owens, Emergency Coordinator at the AOA. She added, â??In general, just use common sense.â??

      Older folks looking to escape the below-freezing wind chills have found warmth inside several senior centers scattered throughout Toledo. Senior Center, Inc. member Jim Libhert says he is happy to keep warm inside.

      â??It felt like something got a hold of my face and was going to rip it off!â?? described Libhert, as he played a round of gin-rummy with some friends at the senior center. He continued, â??After a while I got a little used to it but I didnâ??t spend too much time outside.â??

      The AOA also recommends keeping your feet warm, wearing double or wool socks, and to stay dry. Drinking hot beverages such as tea and eating bowls of warm soup are other great ways to cope with the chilly conditions.

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