FAA OK with sex stunt

Tandem skydive over California. / satosphere (Flickr)

The sex between a porn star and skydiving company receptionist didn't distract the pilot flying high above the California landscape, according to an FAA spokesperson. A video was shot of the pair having sex in the small plane before continuing relations during their freefall to the ground.

The act was shot on video and posted by porn star Alex Torres, who is also a part-time skydiving instructor. Ian Gregor of the FAA says the videotape confirms that the pilot was not distracted while flying.

When the stunt came to light and went viral during it's short life on the Internet, the FAA initiated an investigation because, according to Gregor, "any activity that could distract a pilot while he's flying would be a violation". The owner of the skydiving company, David Crouch, immediately fired his Torres. He hasn't decided if he will fire the Skydive Taft receptionist and willing participant in the act and video.

According to the Taft Police Department, no criminal charges are pending from the escapade.

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(The Associated Press contributed to this report)