Facebook defriending leads to a couple's murder

Facebook feud leads to double murder in Tenn.

A Tennessee man who was upset that a couple deleted his adult daughter from their Facebook account is now accused of killing them over the online feud.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department says 60-year-old Marvin Potter on January 31, shot and killed 36-year-old Billy Payne, Jr. and his 23-year-old girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth.

The couple's 8-month-old baby was found in Hayworth's arms unharmed.

Investigators say the couple defriended Potter's daughter Jenelle, because she was harassing them.

Authorities have been involved other cases where Potter's daughter, Jenelle Potter, believed she had been slighted by someone.

Marvin Potter's friend, Jamie Curd is also facing charges in connection to the killings.

The sheriff says Curd had romantic feelings for Potter's daughter.

Both men remain behind bars and are due back in court March 7.