Facebook messages threaten police

Rossford, Ohio. 27-year-old Justin Eckenrode of Rossford, OH was arrested on November 4 after sending threatening messages to the Facebook page of the Rossford Police Department.

There were two messages sent. The first read, "So I guess its that time for me if you come to my house you will die."

A second message read, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR THE DEATHS OF OTHER? that should be my only curse."

The threat was seen by Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goos as he was boarding a plane, but he immediatlely addressed the threatening messages with the on-duty officers.

"The question everybody has, is will this person, or could this person, follow through with those threats. Are they serious or not serious," says Goss.

Officers quickly arrested Eckenrode without incident, but found a semiautomatic rifle in his apartment with a loaded clip.

Goss says, "Whether or not the intention was to use it or not, I don't know what he was thinking or feeling about it. Or why he would target the police."

In a statement to police, Eckenrode claimed to have been drinking when the messages were sent. Police say they found him to have no criminal history.

Ekcenrode posted a photo of his mugshot on Facebook after he was released, and there were other disturbing posts on his page.

One post said, "When the devil tells you you're the devil, there's something wrong."

He was arrested by December 18 by the Department of Tobacco and Firearms and brought up on charges of having a weapon under a disability and interstate communication of a threat, due to the fact that facebook's network extends out of Ohio.

The same day he was arrested by federal authorities, there were disturbing posts on his Facebook page that said "I have nothing to live for," and later, another said, "Goodbye everybody."

Justin Eckinrode is currently in federal custody as the case proceeds.