Facebook posts show Scott High teen was troubled in days before stand-off

<p>TPS spokesperson Patty Mazur did say, however, that the school system has a zero tolerance policy with bullying.</p>

WNWO obtained several disturbing Facebook messages, believed to have been written by the student who triggered a police stand-off and school lockdown at Scott High School Monday.

The posts indicate the Toledo teen was upset and possibly planned the incident.

The 14-year-old's Facebook page had been mostly quiet since early summer, but started-up again Wednesday. The account had updates moments before he was taken into custody.

The teen identified by Toledo Police as Louis, whose last name is being withheld by WNWO because he's only facing criminal charges as a minor at this time, posted his first troubling message during the Thanksgiving weekend.

It said in part, "this might be my goodbyeâ?¦i forgive everybodyâ?¦i love everybodyâ?¦im go miss yall and ill see u in a different life.â??

The teenâ??s Facebook friends reached out to him, â??Don't hurt / kill yourself !â?? and asking â??This is a joke right?â??

The suspect posted a reply to his Facebook friends. He's â??not" going to commit suicide and instead says, "its sum s**t thats bout to happen soonâ?¦ just know i love all yall so much.â??

The same day the teen uploaded a picture of himself, with a sad expression, with a photo caption titled, â??The last time yall might see me.â??

He later uploaded a picture of a Christmas tree and told friends he's crying and had "a good run but guess i hit the end.â??

Later on Saturday, Louis posted a status update that said in part, â??Man im sad... im go miss yall.â??

That post led to a conversation between the 14-year-old and a few other people on his page.

Louis revealed to friends that â??sumbody was trynna kill me with a gun.â?? Louis confirms, as does one of his Facebook friends, that the threat happened during an incident at Scott High School.

The 14-year-old also posted days before the incident, â??Taking breathes getting ready fo my time to be up ok.â??

A Monday time stamp on Louisâ?? account shows the teen added a comment on his page before he was taken into custody.

The status said in part, " thats what happens when people is bullied...its a bb-gun...stop bulling people and worry about your self."

WNWO reached out to Toledo Public Schools for comment on Louisâ?? posts and asked if heâ??d sought help for emotional problems or bullying. WNWO told that it was too early in the investigation to know the answer.

TPS spokesperson Patty Mazur did say, however, that the school system has a zero tolerance policy with bullying.

Mazur added that if they were informed of the issue, they would have addressed it using mediation or disciplinary procedures.

Louis is charged with making terroristic threats and conveyance of a dangerous ordinance after allegedly bringing a pellet gun to school.

It is WNWOâ??s policy not to identify juvenile suspects until they are charged in adult court.

WNWO asked Toledo Police why they chose to release the suspectâ??s full name, which was reported by the Toledo Blade, and was told â??it is our policy not to release the names of juveniles involved in crimes except in extraordinary circumstances.â??