Facebook threats lead to dismissal of Elmore officer

Shaun Harder

An Elmore police officer, accused of aggravated menacing for threats he allegedly made on Facebook, was dismissed by the village Tuesday. Shaun Harder, 23, was a probationary officer with the village. A spokesman for the police department declined to specify a reason for Harder's dismissal, stating that, as a probationary employee, he could be dismissed without cause.

Harder was charged in March with threatening members of the Arabian Rescue Mission on a Facebook page. At that time, there was a public dispute between the Arabian Rescue Mission and local volunteers who were caring for horses seized from an Oak Harbor farm. On February 17, Harder allegedly wrote on the Facebook page . . .the Arabian rescue group need to be slaughtered like livestock." He will appear in Ottawa County Municipal Court on May 7. He has pleaded not guilty.

Harder was suspended from the Elmore police department in December on a separate matter. An Ottawa County Sheriff's Captain confirmed that Harder was under investigation for a computer crime involving a juvenile female. That investigation is ongoing.