Facelift for Notre Dame Academy

Crews installing 450lb windows at Notre Dame Academy.

Students at Notre Dame Academy might not recognize their building when they return to school this August.

Crews continue to install new energy-efficient windows in the academic wing. Workers are finishing to pull out the 50-year-old windows, while two cranes are helping lift in the new panes. Each panes weighs about 450 pounds.

The academy's Vice President of Advancement, Michael Downing said the windows will help save money on its electricity bill.

"Windows on the north side have a tint and the windows on the south side have a darker tint to refract the sunlight so that the rooms stay a lot cooler in the spring and fall," Downing said.

The windows are expected to be fully replaced by mid-August. The next phase of the schools includes a $2.5 million renovation to purchase iPads for the students and install air-conditioning in the classrooms.