Falcons nest at the University of Toledo

Peregrine Falcon, Blue Jacket

Two cute chicks were introduced to the media Wednesday afternoon at the University of Toledo.

The baby Peregrine Falcons named Blue Jacket and Shikoba live high atop the University of Toledo bell tower.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Research Biologist, Jennifer Norris, banded the birds so they can tracked.

â??(We) look at the success of not only individual birds, but the species throughout the state and as they move across the countyâ??

The Peregrine Falcon has 36 nesting sites across the buckeye state. It was removed from the federal endangered species list in 1999. In 2007 it was downgraded from endangered to threatened in Ohio.

Ohio's peregrine falcon program is supported by the state income tax check-off program, donations and sales of the cardinal license plate. Donations can also be made online at