Fall fills National Coffee Day celebration

Chai Latte at The Flying Joe.

/ Joe Galli

The java is flowing at The Flying Joe in Perrysburg for National Coffee Day. As with all of food holidays, WNWO Today was there to check out the new fall flavors and see how they make coffee art.

The Flying Joe is owner by John and Becky Ohm who are both pilots and fly for the Air National Guard. So it's no surprise that they would pick a flying theme for their coffee shop.

Ben Vollmar is a barista at The Fly Joe and he has a knack for making coffee art, which is the art of pouring cream into espresso and making designs at the top of the beverage. "It's all in the wrist and in the pour," Vollmar said.

How do you celebrate national coffee day? How do you take your morning cup of Joe? Can you make espresso art? Sound off down below....