Fallen Timbers theatre debuts giant movie screen

The 60 by 30 foot screen at the Rave Theatre in Fallen Timbers.

The movie-going experience has been taken to a new level at the Rave Theatre in Fallen Timbers.

Thursday night the theatre unveiled its giant "Rave Revue" screen for the latest Harry Potter flick.

This is one of only two such systems in the country and features a floor to ceiling, wall to wall giant movie screen.

But it is not just about the looks, it is also about the sound.

"You feel it in your body, the vibration, yet it doesn't hurt your ears. It's perfectly calibrated to envelope you in the film," said Jeremy Devine, Rave Vice President of Marketing and Advertising.

The screen is digital and 3D capable.

The movie theatre says you can expect to see what they call "presentation" films on this screen... that means ones with a lot of action or visual elements.