Family & Friends: Baby Elaina's disappearance could have been avoided

WNWO Exclusive photo

Some of those closest to the mother of a missing East Toledo toddler, 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth, say the child's disappearance could have been avoided.

Elaina's father, Terry Steinfurth Junior, has said he only gave his two children to his estranged wife, Angela, because he needed to work and she'd promised to care for the them at her step-father's home.

Angela's step-father, Richard Schiewe, and Angela's half sister, Mary Schiewe, have confirmed that story adding that Angela made a last minute decision to stay at the Federal Street home where her ex-boyfriend, Steven King, was staying.

Angela's former neighbor, who still only wants to be identified as Frank, added that even he offered her a place to stay be she refused.

"She wanted to make her relationship with her boyfriend work and so she told me...she was going to apologize to the boyfriend's mother for some of the things that she said to her...that way she would have a room for her and her children's head," Frank told WNWO exclusively. Frank is the same source that released exclusive surveillance video to WNWO of baby Elaina and her mother, outside his East Toledo home, the day before the 18-month was last seen.

Frank adds that Angela Steinfurth felt she had to apologize to Julie King, Steven King's mother and owner of the home where Elaina was last seen, because the two had argued enough that Angela would leave the home for nearly a month.

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