Family & friends of Kaitlin Gerber fight to keep memorial

Friends, family, and people close to Kaitlin Gerber are outraged at the shopping center threatening to take down a memorial set up to honor her life.

Gerber, shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend outside the Southland Shopping Center on March 24th.



ly after that tragedy, her friends and family erected a memorial to pay tribute to her.



've met complete strangers up here before, and they didn't even know Kaitlin, really didn't know the story. But this is where Kaitlin Gerber took her last breath," explains Gerber's friend Sarah Sutphin.

If you drive pass the shopping center on Byrne road, it's hard to miss. However, the shopping center says it's time to take it down.

Understandably, Gerber's friends and family don't agree

"To come and see just a note pinned up on a tree. I think that's really disrespectful," explains Jeff Gerber, Kaitlin's brother.

Brixmor management


the company that owns the Southland Shopping Center, says the memorial will stay up for another 90 days. The family says they'll still honor Kaitlin's life whether the memorial is taken down or not.